Become more organized by setting priorities.

Prioritäten setzen

Have you ever felt bad because you decided to do a certain task, but when you went to bed in the evening you realized that you didn't make it again and distracted yourself with other tasks from the really important one? Each and everyone has such days where you have to work for a [...]

Organized order instead of chaos - 6 tricks

Many people are chaotic, they are not alone. But a question arises, how do orderly people manage to always have everything in its place and not forget anything or produce clutter? Today you will learn 6 tips that will simplify your journey to becoming a more orderly person. 1. keep list When [...]

Create minimalist mess with these 5 habits

minimalistische Unordnung

Surely you know the surprise while driving when you suddenly arrive at work but can't remember the trip? Or the confusion in the shower when you think whether you have already used shower gel? Those moments when your mind wanders and then you suddenly realize that you're just completely in autopilot mode [...]

Suuber vs. Uber, risk of confusion?!

Surprising news It's September 2020 and there's surprising news on the table in the office of Florian Bodenmann, CEO of Suuber. The originally American, now international cab revolutionary Uber thinks the Suuber brand is too similar and therefore demands "its complete revocation". The similarity is too great and one could inadvertently confuse Suuber with Uber [...].